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Brand Angel

In the beginning of my PR career I had an interview with the Head of Corporate Communications by Dornbracht – then I learnt that the company calls us, the PR representatives, its “brand angels”. This definition seemed very honorable and responsible to me because an angel or a guardian angel follows and guides the assigned person throughout his life, listens to his thoughts, knows his intentions and dreams, and offers a helpful hint and a helping hand. In many ways a guardian angel contributes to one's success… The same way I contribute to the public image of the brands that trust in their angels. My task is to understand what the brands aim at, and to help them in achieving their goals.

An unknown writer once gave a very precise definition of design as “communication without words”. In other words, good design contains a certain message that a designer and a corresponding brand want to convey to a user. Thus, my aim as that of an “angel” of the brands that trust me is to promote this communication, to pass on the brands' messages, their values and legends – in this case by means of verbal communication – to you as my primary audience.

One may ask why there is a need in words if good design is intuitively understandable. I am certain that design needs stories just as songs need texts. From this perspective a brand-angel becomes a narrator who tells a story of a brand. If you want your brand-story to be known in Russia, I am at your service!

Margarita Morozova

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